projects i'm working on or have worked on :)

my arg, 1029 - im doing everything for this one lol

C%C - a horror miniseries!! (va, artist, character design)

FUNCTION (previously object complexity) - object show (voice actor)

clarity - upcoming xbox 2d platformer (sprite artist and animator)

paperjuice creative - object show shorts and other projects (voice actor/writer)

battle for survival - object show (voice actor)

bfamm - object show (voice actor)

unordinary order of objects - object show (voice actor)

the showdown for power - object show (voice actor)

objectified: on air - object show (voice actor/writer)

COMPLEX - shh.... it's a secret!

(p.s. i am always open to VAing etc. for stuff!!)

thanks for reading this! :)