cool people!!!!!!

silly page for me to shout out all of my AWESOME friends, servers, etc!!!!!


arlo - you're amazing !! i wish we could spend time together more

jake! - you're so funny and awesome :D attacks you ^_^

cory - i platontically love you so much dude!! youve really supported me through thick and thin and im so glad to be your friend.

liam! - the amazingest guy. for reals 💞 you're sweet kind and SO talented :3

orion!! - the epicest guy!! ur so cool and awesome,, not 2 mention an actual god at art 🔥. u r ery awesome. you are my dearest friend and i really mean it :)

emily!! - u r amazing as well i cant not put u on this list!! i love u /p and ur artstyle SO MUCH >:3

mintie! - you're an art god and so sweet and kind. i will talk about wheatley and glados and everything else forever with u :D

nesse! - you are genuinely one of the most wonderful people ever. i love you so much! i'm so lucky to have you as a friend :3c

yippie!! - you're so awesome! im so lucky to be your friend :3 i hope we are friends forever :3c

jai! - gayest straight man alive : )


fancord! - fancest real

the local village of murderers - ur all awesome

OFD - objectpilled,.. what the heckk...

the group fart!! - very cool

FUNCTION/C%C - object complexity... but BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. srry if ur my oomf and u arent in here,, if u want to be included just lmk!!!! :)))